Rishi Gosalia presentation

Rishi Gosalia presentation - ValueXVail 2016

Johann Rupert, the Chairman of Richemont, shares his profound insights and wisdom on various aspects of the luxury goods industry. In his speeches, he highlights the importance of long-term thinking and cautions against short-termism, advising against buying back shares at high prices.

Firebird Value Fund presentation

Firebird Value Fund presentation - ValueXVail 2016

Harley Davidson is an iconic American motorcycle brand with over a century of history. At the presentation, Firebird Management outlined Harley Davidson’s quality attributes and valuation case.

Carnegie Investment Counsel presentation

Carnegie Investment Counsel presentation - ValueXVail 2016

LKQ Corporation is a leading player in the aftermarket and refurbished auto parts market in the United States, with a significant market share of 25%-30%. Established in 1998 and listed on the stock exchange in 2003, the company has recently been added to the S&P 500 index.

Boingo Wireless Presentation

Boingo Wireless Presentation - ValueXVail 2016

Small cells are small individual antennas that are strategically placed to enhance cell signals from macro towers. They are usually owned and operated by a single operator and operate on a single frequency band.

Vailshire Capital Management Presentation

Vailshire Capital Management Presentation - ValueXVail 2016

In a recent presentation by Jeffrey W. Ross, MD, Founder and CEO of Vailshire Capital Management, LLC, the effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on the healthcare system were discussed, along with the challenges and potential solutions for the future.

Charles Schwab Capital Presentation

Charles Schwab Capital Presentation - ValueXVail 2016

Schwab is a financial firm that provides custody and brokerage services to various types of clients, including registered investment advisors (RIAs) and 401(k) plans. They have experienced double-digit growth in client assets over the past decade, with client assets now exceeding $1.1 trillion.

Carro-Kan Capital Presentation

Carro-Kan Capital Presentation - ValueXVail 2016

Lindblad Expeditions Holdings, Inc. (LIND) is a cruise company specializing in expedition travel. Its fleet consists of owned and chartered vessels, with a focus on providing unique and immersive travel experiences.

Mindset Capital Presentation

Mindset Capital Presentation - ValueXVail 2016

In a recent presentation at the ValueX conference, Aaron M. Edelheit from Mindset Capital highlighted the investment opportunity in single-family homes, specifically focusing on Silver Bay Realty Trust (NYSE: SBY).

Burr Capital Presentation

Burr Capital Presentation - ValueXVail 2016

Cable One (CABO) is a domestic cable company operating in non-urban secondary markets. With a unique internet-centric strategy, it focuses on providing internet services rather than bundled packages.

Yazvinski JCP Keytronic Presentation

Yazvinski JCP Keytronic Presentation - ValueXVail

The Brookfield DTLA Fund Office Trust (DTLA-) presents an attractive investment opportunity based on the information provided. DTLA- is a subsidiary of Brookfield Property Partners and owns a portfolio of high-quality office properties in the booming market of Downtown Los Angeles.