Hanes Brands

Hanes Brands - ValueXVail 2018

Hanesbrands is a leading company in the fashion industry with a focus on undergarments and activewear. It has a competitive advantage as a low-cost producer, investing in innovation, and operating in a niche segment.

Radisson Hotel Group (RADH)

Radisson Hotel Group (RADH) - ValueXVail 2018

RADH, or Radisson Hotel Group AB, is currently considered cheap due to several factors, including historical missed results and distressed ownership by Chinese travel conglomerate HNA.


Micron - ValueXVail 2018

In a recent presentation titled “Micron,” the spotlight is on the ongoing battle between strong and weak artificial intelligence (AI).

Trinity Place Holdings (TPHS)

Trinity Place Holdings (TPHS) - ValueXVail 2018

This presentation provides information on a real estate company’s recent acquisitions and their flagship project, 77 Greenwich. The construction of 77 Greenwich is fully funded, and the project follows a Guaranteed Maximum Price Contract.

Flywheel Models

Flywheel Models - ValueXVail 2018

China’s online video industry is going through a transition phase from the early stage to the later stage. One sign of this maturation is the high cost of famous talent in China, which has led companies like iQiyi, Tencent, and Youku to sign agreements to limit excessive remuneration for high-profile stars.


ETF - ValueXVail 2018

The investor presentation introduces Black Bear Value Partners, LP, a fundamental and value-oriented investment management firm.


Starbucks - ValueXVail 2018

The provided information suggests that Starbucks Corp. (SBUX) shares are trading at levels not seen in years, potentially indicating an undervaluation. Despite a decline in profitability, the stock is trading below its historical P/E and EV/EBITDA multiples, indicating potential upside.

Kinder Morgan

Kinder Morgan - ValueXVail 2018

In a recent presentation at VALUEx Vail 2018, Tomas Stone of Newstone Investments, L.L.C discussed the investment potential of Kinder Morgan (KMI), an energy toll road company.

Rimini Street

Rimini Street - ValueXVail 2018

The analysis provides a valuation outlook for Rimini Street, Inc. (RMNI), a software company. It highlights the company’s low valuation compared to peers, potential for growth, and large total addressable market.

Walt Disney Co (DIS)

Walt Disney Co (DIS) - ValueXVail 2018

In a captivating presentation, the speaker explored the intricacies of investment and shared insightful perspectives on maximizing returns and mitigating risks.