Retail: Finding Jean Baptiste de Marbot

Retail: Finding Jean Baptiste de Marbot - ValueXVail 2017

In a thought-provoking presentation titled “Retail: Finding Jean Baptiste de Marbot” Zolidis explored the changing landscape of the retail industry and unveiled key insights into the strategies that can drive success in this evolving space.


TripAdvisor - ValueXVail 2017

TripAdvisor, the renowned online travel platform, shared valuable insights into the evolving landscape of the travel industry. With a neutral perspective, the presentation shed light on the company’s strategies and its vision for the future, providing valuable takeaways for both travelers and investors alike.

Laughing Water Capital

Laughing Water Capital - ValueXVail 2017

In a captivating presentation a leading provider of pawn shop and consumer finance services, shed light on their unique approach to business and the underlying value it brings.

Reinvestment Moats

Reinvestment Moats - ValueXVail 2017

In a recent presentation, the concept of reinvestment moats was brought to light as a valuable approach for investors. The speaker emphasized how companies with the ability to consistently reinvest their profits into high-return projects can create a sustainable advantage in the market.

Let’s get creative!

Let's get creative! - ValueXVail 2017

In today’s fast-paced world, we often find ourselves constantly busy and rushing through tasks, yet still feeling unproductive and unsatisfied. This lifestyle can be dangerous and make us miserable.


Nelnet - ValueXVail 2017

In this article, we delve into the world of Nelnet, an education-focused finance and services company that offers a range of products and services catering to the education sector.

Mori – Becle S.A. (Cuervo)

Mori – Becle S.A. (Cuervo) - ValueXVail 2017

This report provides an analysis of Cuervo, a tequila brand, and the tequila market. Cuervo has shown strong volume growth and improved product mix, particularly in premium and ultra-premium products.

Finding Value Off The Beaten Path

Finding Value Off The Beaten Path - ValueXVail 2017

The presentation discusses Yatra, a company in the travel industry, and highlights key factors related to its growth potential. Yatra aims to achieve margin expansion and expects its personnel and operating expenses to grow more slowly than revenue as the business scales, indicating potential profitability.

Ferris – Mania Immersion Therapy

Ferris – Mania Immersion Therapy - ValueXVail 2017

In a thought-provoking presentation by Dan Ferris at ValueX Vail in June 2017, the battle between value and growth investing strategies was explored, intertwining historical anecdotes and modern-day observations.

Livadas – Upslope Capital Management: Investment Strategy

Livadas – Upslope Capital Management: Investment Strategy - ValueXVail 2017

The presentation provided an overview of Lindblad Expeditions Holdings Inc., a company that operates expedition cruises to remote destinations around the world. LIND experienced some challenges in recent years, with revenue and earnings impacted by factors such as the Zika virus outbreak and terrorist attacks in Europe dampening travel demand.