Creativity in Short Selling

Creativity in Short Selling - ValueXVail 2023

Based on the provided context, it seems that the text you shared is the content of a presentation or document from Upslope Capital Management, LLC. Upslope Capital is an investment management firm based in Colorado that focuses on long/short equity strategies.

Inside Arbitrage

Inside Arbitrage - ValueXVail 2023

In a recent presentation titled “Inside Arbitrage: Regional Banks,” the focus was on First Citizens Bancshares (FCNCA), an under-the-radar bank with significant potential.

Molina Healthcare (MOH)

Molina Healthcare (MOH) - ValueXVail 2023

Molina Healthcare (MOH) was recently presented by Steven Gorelik from Firebird Value Advisors L.P., shedding light on the company’s investment potential.


O-I GLASS (OI) - ValueXVail 2023

The document discusses various aspects of Silver Ring Value Partners Limited Partnership investment process, including valuation techniques, sanity checks, catalysts, sensitivity analysis, risks, and a behavioral checklist.